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Navigating the Database

Resources are grouped into four connected tables

1. Programs & Organizations

This includes DEI programs and the organizations that run them such as:

  • Research, teaching or mentoring opportunities
  • Cultural education and awareness programs
  • Diversity committees or student committees
  • Affinity groups
  • Organizations that are usually a person's secondary Caltech affiliation (as opposed to a primary affiliation to an Office or department)

2. People

This includes anyone with a leadership role in DEI programs and organizations. Some examples are:

  • Staff/Admin in offices with DEI resources
  • Members of diversity committees or student committees
  • Affinity group leadership

3. Offices & Departments

These include:

  • Official Caltech offices like the CCID, Caltech Y, CTLO, Dean's Office and SFP
  • Departments, Divisions and Institutes
  • entities that are usually a person's primary Caltech affiliation (as opposed to a secondary affiliation to an organization or committee)

4. Documents

These are links to helpful resources shared by programs and organizations to promote transparency and sharing of resources. Some examples are:

  • Guides for admissions
  • Surveys, data and reports related to DEI efforts
  • Slides, documents or recordings from DEI seminars and events
  • Official Caltech emails documenting DEI commitments

Find the most relevant resources for you!

We want to help you find ALL of the most relevant resources so programs and organizations are tagged by Who we serve and Categories.

A screenshot of the Programs and Organizations table listing the first five entries. The fields are name, a brief description, who we serve and categories.

Refine your search with any of the "Who we serve" and "Categories" tags that you see below. For more detailed descriptions of these terms, see our Glossary. Other columns include a description, email and website. We also link between the tables to associated people, programs, offices, departments and documents. You may need to scroll to the right to see all the columns.

Who we serve

  • Undergrad
  • Graduate
  • Postdoc
  • Staff/Admin
  • Faculty
  • Alumni
  • K-12
  • Beyond Caltech
  • Underrepresented
  • Women*
  • PoC - People of Color
  • Black/African American
  • Native/Indigenous
  • Hispanic/Latin(x)
  • Asian/Asian American
  • Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander
  • White/Caucasian
  • Domestic
  • First generation
  • International
  • Low income
  • Military/Veteran
  • Parents/Family
  • People with Disabilities
  • Religious groups


  • Academics
  • Admissions/Recruitment
  • Affinity group
  • Awards/Recognition
  • Awareness
  • Climate
  • Committee
  • Community service
  • Data/Transparency
  • Funding
  • Mental/Physical Health
  • Mentorship
  • Networking
  • Outreach
  • Professional development
  • Reporting
  • Research
  • Teaching

Looking for resources that support you?

You can filter by who the program serves, based on Caltech affiliation and/or identity (e.g. Undergrad, Women*, Black, LGBTQIA+).Example: Want to connect with other LBTQIA+ people at Caltech? Filter by "LGBTQIA+" serving and the "affinity group" category.

Looking for certain types of resources?

Filter by the category of resource (e.g. outreach, mentorship, networking).Example: Want to find ways to learn more about the challenges faced by different racial minorities? Filter by the category "awareness" and serving "underrepresented".

Looking to get involved?

Find outreach or community service opportunities. You can also get involved in most programs.Example: Want to mentor undergraduate students doing research? Filter for programs that serve "Undergrad" and for categories "mentorship" and "research"

How to search and filter entries


  1. In the rightmost part of the navigation bar at the top of any table, click on the search icon and enter your query.
  2. This will highlight all fields in the table that match your search term.


  1. In the navigation bar at the top of any table, click "Filter" and then "Add filter".
  2. Select which field you would like to filter by. Some good fields to filter are "Who we serve", "Categories", and "Associated Offices and Departments".
  3. Choose how you want to filter with the filter operators. We recommend "has any of" or "has all of".
  4. Choose the "Categories" you are interested in. For example, choosing "mentorship" and "research" will show programs like SURF and WAVE.
An example use of the filter function. Filter parameters are "Categories", "has all of" "mentorship" and "research".

Additional tips

  • The tables are connected. See which organizations, offices, departments, or people are involved in a specific program. Or find all the programs that your department or a specific office has to offer. You can click on linked entries to see more details.
  • Use the navigation bar at the top of the table to search, sort, filter and group entries.
  • You may need to scroll sideways to see all the fields.
  • Click on "View Larger Version" in the bottom-right corner of any table to see a full window view.